Vibrancy is so universally desirable, so totemic in its powers, that even though we aren’t sure what the word means, we know the quality it designates must be cultivated.
— Thomas Frank

Vibrant Hues was started by Tatyana Hughes. With a background in photography and anthropology, she has strived to find new and innovative ways to capture the boldness and emotion of each major milestone. With these ideals in mind she found her passion in event coordination. After working with many talented people in the industry, she felt it was time to help people craft events that speak to the colors of their lives with her unique expertise.


Vibrant Hues Events creates events that will leave a lasting impression. We believe that celebrations should be as colorful as our clients personalities. We strive to make sure that your event reflects the vibrancy with which it is due. Be it an intimate gathering or a bustling soiree, Vibrant Hues Events can highlight the moment. 

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